Annual reports are available for download for the academic year. Reports detail results, program outcomes, and key findings.


Frederick Douglass Academy III, January 2018


On average, students scored 42.94% on their previous exams and were assigned 6.56 sessions. Students saw an overall raw score increase of 28.63 points and attained 71.56 % on average across ELA, Living Environment, Algebra I, US History and Global History. We had an 80% graduation rate amongst students in our cohort. Additionally, this was the first year in which the new Global History Regents Exam was administered and there was a considerable amount of uncertainty in regards to test format. Overall, students reported feeling more confident and prepared to take the exams than they were before.


Morris Academy For Collaborative Studies, 2017 - 2018 Academic Year


44% of our students were both L & IEP with students requiring 3-5 exams to graduate on average. U.S History and ELA were the two most needed subjects. Though there were challenges with attendance, on average, students who attended 33% of assigned sessions saw a score increase of 127.89%, while students who attended 34-66% of assigned sessions saw an increase in 150.23%. This year was the first year with the new Regents Exam for Global History, and there was a great deal of uncertainty as the format changed from previous year.