Our Approach

We envision a world where all students, regardless of background, have the skills, resources and confidence to become life-long learners and to achieve their fullest potential.


Data & Technology

We use data to inform best practices. Year after year we work to improve personalized learning strategies for students. This is accomplished through rigorous data collection on metrics such as attendance, skill mastery, and overall confidence. This data is utilized to develop learning profiles and to close the gap between teaching methods in the classroom and how individual students learn best.

Personalized Learning

We understand that schools across the nation struggle to meet students’ needs due to insufficient resources and differences in learning styles. We utilize adaptive technology, human centered design, and feedback from school administrators to develop individualized learning strategies for each student. Our goal is to develop holistic learning tools that account for unique learning styles and individual preferences.


Culturally Responsive Curriculum

Culturally responsive, relevant and inclusive curriculum is a conscious and intentional approach to adaptive education. We use the experiences of our students, their diverse backgrounds, frames of reference, and performance styles to make our curriculum more connected to the real-world, relevant and effective for them. This sort of inclusive curriculum recognizes the importance of racial and cultural diversity in learning. We leverage the common knowledge and strengths of students to help them succeed.