Purpose Tutors empowers students through culturally relevant curriculum that is tailored to the specific learning style of each student, building relationships within the school community and a comprehensive approach to learning.  We empower students through confidence building, critical success factors, advocacy, diversity, and analytical skill building. We also use mentorship as a tool to build test taking skills and to ensure post-high school success.

We recognize that test taking is a skill in itself, and not reflective of student’s intelligence, potential or ability; we aim to build confidence in their test taking skills by providing the tools and support for academic success.

We understand that public schools struggle to meet the needs of low-income students due to overpopulation, lack of resources, students taking on additional responsibilities outside of the classroom and differences in learning styles. Purpose strives to serve low-income schools by providing private tutoring, test-taking support, and one-on-one mentorship to students who would otherwise not have access to these services.


Customized tutoring that meets individual student needs

We build curriculum to meet the specific testing needs of each student. Our one-on-one follow-up meetings are designed to bridge the learning gap and build confidence of students taking standardized testing. 

Collaboration and partnerships with the school community


Purpose is fully committed to integrating tutors into each school community and working with educators and staff to ensure that students are fully supported. 

Focus on developing skills for academic success

We believe that building relationships and investing in students is crucial to the student’s overall success in the classroom. Our tutoring programs are designed to help students develop study skills that will help them throughout their academic career. 

Our Partners